Website Proposal

Prepared for XXXX

by Michelle Dodd —


We’re excited about your project.

During our meeting on 12th of October one of the core business challenges that ACME Corp is facing today is that its current website has a very low conversion rate.

Less than %3 of users convert to making a purchase on the site.

In order to grow revenue ACME Corp needs to markedly increase the conversion rate for non-purchasing users to purchasing users.

Company Name have identified a number of weak areas in ACME Corps current website that are choking conversion rates. These include:

  • Overall site design issues
  • UX and Information Architecture problems
  • Responsiveness for mobile and tablet

With our expertise in web design and development, Company Name is proposing to overhaul ACME’s website and relaunch it. We’re confident we can deliver significantly increased conversion rates and help ACME to realize its revenue goals for the year and beyond.

"Merge has been fully invested in the success of WildEarth Guardians. Our work together took a website that was archaic into a beautiful and highly functioning modern machine.

— Dave Levine, WildEarth Guardians